MFM and IDE co-existing under Linux?

MFM and IDE co-existing under Linux?

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I have a 65MB MFM hard-drive that replaced with a 240MB IDE drive some years

I at one time used both, together under MS-DOZE by using a cripple-ware
driver in my CONFIG.SYS and setting the MFM controller to be on the secondary

This worked ok, but would have many had to register the driver to
get error-recovery.

Is there support for having IDE and MFM hard-drives co-existing under Linux?  
If so, any hints on how to do it?

Help will be appreciated




1. Will IDE drives co-exist with MFM drives under Linux?

I've got a chance to buy about 600M of ESDI Drives plus controller,
that I am told look like MFM drives to the computer.  I've already
got an IDE controller and two drives that I don't want to give up.

Will they co-exist and will Linux support them both at the same



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