Netscape 6.0 Linux version

Netscape 6.0 Linux version

Post by Alex Meade » Sun, 09 Apr 2000 04:00:00

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1. Why does netscape 4.7 hog so much CPU with Linux Redhat 6.0 - glibc2 version?


I just installed 4.7 on a dual 500 MHZ PIII LInux box,
and, according to top, netscape is using one full CPU even
when netscape is not really doing anything!

 9363 zender    19   0 44756  43M 10164 R       0 49.9  4.6  1681m netscape-com

I seem to remember that older versions of netscape would be
basicallly idle when they weren't doing anything, but 4.7 noticeably
slows down this system. Any ideas why? Any workarounds?


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