AnyKey keyboard problem

AnyKey keyboard problem

Post by Chris Osic » Thu, 18 Jan 1996 04:00:00


I recently purchased a Gateway2000 PC with a 125 keys AnyKey keyboard
and installed Linux on it.
I noticed that unfortunately the twelve keys on the left hand side of
the keyboard not only are labeled like the top ones, but also produce
the same key codes.
Does anybody know how to change those keycodes (but not remapping to
any other keys)?
Are there any utilities available for Linux to program such keyboards?
There is one working on DOS able to upload/download keyboard configuration
from/to a binary file with a structure I couldn't understand.

Or if anyone could provide me with any pointers to the company making
those keyboards, called Maxi Switch, I would be very grateful.

The Gateway's tech support couldn't help me, surprise, surprise ;-)


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1. Gateway AnyKey keyboard problem


 I have a question about the Gateway AnyKey keyboard. I'm using one on my
system, and have been for quite some time.

 If I'm logged in on one of the VC's, and in VI (this is where I first noticed
the problem) and want to exit, I hold down the left shift key and press the
letter 'z' twice (shift-z-z). The first 'z'is upper cased, but the second one
is not, which makes vi unhappy (i.e. I get Zz instead of ZZ). If I use the
right shift key, then I get two upper case z's.

 If I'm in an xterm window, then the left side shift key behaves normally. If
I'm running DOS, then the shift keys work properly. If I'm running OS/2 then
the shift keys work properly. It's only when I'm on a Virtual Console that
I have this problem.

 Even if I'm not in VI it does this on a VC. If I hold down the left shift key
and then the 'z', then I get: Zzzzzzzzzz. If I hold down the right shift key
and then the 'z', then I get: ZZZZZZZZZZ. To make this even weirder, the 'z' is
the only key that is affedted in this way!

 Anyone else having this problem, or know how to fix it. For what it's worth,
the rest of my system IS NOT a Gateway system. I've upgraded my motherboard
since this problem first started and this weird behavior is still present, so
it's not the motherboard (or if it is then I have the same problem on both of
them which I find extremly unlikely...)

 Suggestions?  (other than don't use a Gateway keyboard. :^) )


Monte Freeman  --  Operations Department / Information Technology
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, 30332

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