Large IDE Hard Drive as a Second Hard Drive

Large IDE Hard Drive as a Second Hard Drive

Post by Ralph Chapma » Sat, 06 May 1995 04:00:00

We are running Linux on an AST Bravo MS 4/66d 486 PC. Currently we have  
installed a 524 MB IDE drive.  We need to add a second hard drive and I  
have attempted to add a 1.08 GB IDE drive. The drive geometry for the  
second drive is 16 heads, 2100 cylinders and 63 sectors.  The AST BIOS  
will not permit a user defined  drive entry of greater than 16 heads and  
1024 cyclinders.  However, the BIOS in auto-detect mode asigns the drive  
entry of 64 heads, 525 cylinders and 63 sectors.  MSDOS will recognize  
the drive.  When Lilo loads it reads the drive geometry from the BIOS and  
ignores the second drive, the 1.08 GB drive.  The Linux error message is    
the drive geometry is greater that 16 heads.  I have attempted to pipe  
the drive geometry to Lilo by entering the true drive geometry in the  
Lilo.conf as outlined in the Linux FAQ.  Linux will not recognize the  
second drive.

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Hi everybody,
I have two hard drives, their capacities are 4.3 Giga byte and 3.2 Giga
byte. And I would like to merge these two hard drives into one hard
drive in order to mount them to directory "/usr" in Linux . But I don 't
know how to do that. please tell me what softwares I can use for that,
and where I can download them as well as how to set up it. If you have
spare time, please tell me as much details as posible.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
Ha Le (Vietnam)

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