Linux and Chipset Aladdin IV

Linux and Chipset Aladdin IV

Post by Timothée GRO » Fri, 22 Mar 2002 08:00:58

I have a P133 on an expertcolor TX531 Motherboard with Aladdin IV+ chipset
Installation of SME V5.1.2 completes normally. After first boot, I get a
hang after "configuring kernel parameters". Tried many re-installs but no
difference. Any suggestions?
(I had the same problem with a Mandrake SNF, Mandrake 8.1 and RedHat7.X)

Is there any way to know exactly what freeze the system?
I don't understand why my system perfectly work under IPCop and
Smoothwall... Why???? (it is the same Kernel 2.2.x)
Thank you


Linux and Chipset Aladdin IV

Post by Timothée GRO » Sat, 23 Mar 2002 02:41:26

nobody knows ???


1. Linux with Aladdin IV and SIS 5591/5 chipsets (and their UltraDMA controllers)

Hi all:

        Has anybody used Linux in a motherboard with one of the above
mentioned chipsets? And if so, what problems did you find? I'm
interested in particular in potential problems with the UltraDMA
controllers that those boards have, since the UltraDMA mini-HOWTO
doesn't mention them (I don't mind if I can't get the 33 Mb/s speed or
whatever, as long as it works).
        Also, and completely unrelated: can you use a regular PCI
video card in an AGP motherboard without any problems? (I want to buy
an AGP motherboard, but I don't have money for the AGP video card
right now...)

                        Thanks in advance,


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