OPTi MAD16 MED3420 soundcard supported?

OPTi MAD16 MED3420 soundcard supported?

Post by P?r Linda » Wed, 17 Jul 1996 04:00:00


I have recently installed Linux, and wonder if my 16-bit SB16-compatible
will work in Linux. It is currently fully SB16-compatible in Windoze 3.1
since it can use own drivers there. In MS-DOS, on the other hand, it
only simulates SB-PRO. Is there any way to get it to work in Linux, in
at least SB-PRO mode?

It uses standard settings, Port220, IRQ5, DMA1, and so on.

/P?r Lindahl.


1. MAD16 (OpTi *924) support?

I know that the kernel sound drivers support the MAD16 Opti*928/29/30
cards.  After a lot of pain trying to set up my sound card I decided to
double check the chip on the card.  It turns out it is a MAD16 Opti *924
based card.
Does anyone know if it would take a lot of hacking the sound driver
source to get the MAD16 Opti 82C924 card to work?

I suppose that I could go out and get another card, but it work well, in
NT and OS/2, and I am currently cash strapped. :(

Any ideas?
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