Tiny portable Linux machines

Tiny portable Linux machines

Post by Abdul Jalib M'ha » Wed, 29 Nov 1995 04:00:00

What are the smallest portable machines that Linux will run on?
Which are best?  
(Intended uses: news, email, running C & Tcl/Tk programs, running
DOS programs, and replacing my HP 200LX's PDA functions of scheduler,
phone book, etc.)

I'm thinking of an IBM Thinkpad 701C (which a friend says he can
"out type" under Windoze) or the HP Omnibook 600. I would upgrade
to 16 Meg on either.  Which is better?

Is there any other system I should be considering?

What about building my own?  It's not really possible to build my own
"ultralight" (4.5 pounds or less) laptop, is it?

I do have a big mondo Linux desktop, and would plan on networking the
two together when at home, in case that makes any difference.

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1. FYI: Tiny Linux : Linux for small foot print systems : Minimal Linux,


Just an FYI.  I found a linux distribution that specializes in being
small for small footprint systems.  Great for making use out of old

Tiny Linux:

Minimal Hardware Requirements:
*  processor : i386 or better

* hard disk : 50 Megs, 80 Megs is best

* ram: 8 MB minimum, 12 MB or 16 MB is better

* floppy drive :3"1/4

It supports X windows ( GUI environment ) and networking.

I also recommend this article on minimal linux installations:

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