Audigy (emu10k1) digital output & recording sound

Audigy (emu10k1) digital output & recording sound

Post by Erkki Seppal » Tue, 24 Dec 2002 23:33:14

I recently hooked my Audigy digitally to my stereo, and installed the
driver from . Everything seems
to be working fine, except: how to make the digital output not output
something I'm recording from line1? I use a background process to
store audio from radio.

Analog output doesn't depend on the channel I'm recording, instead the
volume from the mixer for Line1 is used, as expected.

By default emu-dspmgr -r displays nothing. If I do emu-dspmgr -z, I
never seem to be able to output stuff analogically, but the digital
output seems to work.

Happy Christmas :).

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1. emu10k1: analog and digital output


Today I changed from alsa to the emu10k1-driver (SBlive!); now my
ac3-passthrough works perfect. I have the Cambridge DTT3500 connected to
the SPDIF-output and a stereo amplifier to the analog output (it's the
front-output, I think). In emu10k1.conf I can set the following options:

USE_DIGITAL_OUTPUT=yes: I get dolby digital sound (DTT3500) when
watching dvd's, but very bad output when I use xmms; the stereo
amplifier stays quiet;

USE_DIGITAL_OUTPUT=no: the stereo amplifier plays my mp3's and mpg's,
but the DTT3500 stays quiet;

therefore, my questions:
1) is it possible to set both digital and analog output?

2) what is the reason for bad sound output when I set
USE_DIGITAL_OUTPUT=yes and play music which isn't ac3-coded?

I use GentooLinux 1.2

Thanks for your answers,

Stefan Sollerer
Student of Mechanical-engineering               TU-Graz        

jabber: solli
ICQ:    78344619

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