Help - IBM Deskstar 3.24 GB drive and Linux

Help - IBM Deskstar 3.24 GB drive and Linux

Post by Keith Rohre » Tue, 01 Apr 1997 04:00:00

> I recently bought a IBM deskstar 3.24 GB EIDE drive, and I have having
> trouble to make it work with Linux.
> I tried to install RedHat 4.0 on it, and randomly some packages will fail
> to install during the installations with no reason.

I do remember that 4.0's glint loves to hide error messages.  Assuming
you do have the space in the filesystem you're installing to, I'd
suggest installing the whole thing and removing packages (with rpm -e)
later: the installer doesn't check dependencies, but rpm (and therefore
glint) will do so if you try to add packages after the initial install.
Using rpm itself, rather than 4.0's glint, will give you appropriate
error messages rather than silent failure.

Quote:> I tried to install Debian, everything went okay, except when boot from the
>  floppy in the last step of the installation, the machine just hanged.

Never used debian.

Quote:> The configuration of my machine is: IBM 686 200+, 64 MB RAM, M-Tech
> Mustang MB.

I assume everything's stable under your existing Linux setup?  No
mysterious gcc crashes?

Quote:> I set the IBM to be a slave to my existing 420 Seagate on the first IDE
> channel.

You might try putting the IBM on the other IDE channel.

Quote:> Out of desperation, I booted my existing Slackware 96 (on my Seagate),
> fdisk'ed the Deskstar, mke2fs'ed it, and mounted it to a /temp directory.

> I copied some file to /temp, everything went okay. But if I reboot, I will
> see complaints about inconsistent inode and stuff like that, I see tons of
> errors corrected if I run fsck.  But even after the error correction,
> fdisk, v, will show a mysterous "62 unallocated sectors" error.

The "62 unallocated sectors" warning is a nuisance, nothing more; it
basically says you gave the whole first track over to the partition
table and MBR, which only take up two sectors...and afaik you'd have to
go into the "dangerous features" menu to *not* leave 62 unallocated

Does your shutdown and reboot setup properly unmount the partitions on
the IBM?  If you shutdown properly and reboot, if you were to fsck the
IBM before mounting it again you should get "/dev/hdbwhatever clean,
check skipped" or something like that.  If, on the other hand, the IBM's
fs isn't getting synced or unmounted, you will of course get problems.


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Help - IBM Deskstar 3.24 GB drive and Linux

Post by Eric Wampn » Sat, 05 Apr 1997 04:00:00

: I set the IBM to be a slave to my existing 420 Seagate on the first IDE
: channel.

Unless you know that these two drives will work together, I would put them
on separate IDE busses, or just remove the 420 completely and see if the
problem goes away.

IDE HD's used to have some interoperability problems, Seagate still claims
ATA-2 compliance while IBM is EIDE. Don't know if it matters.

Don't ask me. I run scsi. :-)


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