HELP: Toshiba Satellite Pro 415CS and garbage on lower half of screen!

HELP: Toshiba Satellite Pro 415CS and garbage on lower half of screen!

Post by Albin L. Jone » Tue, 06 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Help, please!

I use a Toshiba Satellite Pro 415CS and am having a
problem when I use X (XFree 86 3.3.1): The lower
half of my screen is being corrupted by a strange
"rainbow effect" that's partially a ghost of the top
half, and partially just junky vertical bars.  The
"rainbow garbage" seems sometimes sensitive to mouse
movement, keyboard input, disk access, etc.; but
mostly not.  Nothing I do to my XF86Config seems to
have a positive effect.

What's even more odd is that the problem is recent;
I've been using the machine for a couple of weeks
without any problems.  Until today, that is.

Has anyone else run into this problem?  Does anyone
know how to fix it?

Please, contact me if you think that you can help!

Thanks and regards,
Albin Jones


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