Trident 8400 Graphics adapter

Trident 8400 Graphics adapter

Post by Wes Wielan » Mon, 19 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Installed a new Mother board from PCChips, (585LMR) which has an embeded
AGP/PCI Graphics card on it.  Can't see the chipset (hidden by heat
sink).  Have not been able to find anything at Tridentmirco's
(, PCChips, (, Xfree86, or in
numerous searches of newsgroups and driver oriented web sites.  Can anyone
tell me anything about this video adapter.  Would like to get something
better than 640x480 resolution out of it when running Xwindows.
Thanks in advance


1. Embedded Trident 8400 PCI/AGP graphics apdapter?

I have a PCChips 585LMR motherboard with an embedded Trident 8400 PCI/AGP
graphics adapter (according to W98 system device list).  I am running a dual
boot with W98 and Mandrake 7.1.  Unfortunately, all the embedded devices on
this mother board work fine in Linux, except for the graphics adapter.  The
best I can get is 640x480 resolution out of it.  Have tried emailing support
at both PCChips and Tridentmicro; without response.  Does anyone know
anything about this graphics adapter.  I am starving for any info at
Thanks in advance.

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