Reveal 4X GCDR540 CDROM Driver?

Reveal 4X GCDR540 CDROM Driver?

Post by James D. Richardson » Wed, 25 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have a Pentium 100 with an American Mega Trends Motherboard and a
Reveal 4x GCDR540 cd rom and I am trying to install red hat version
3.3.0 on this system via a cd rom. I have had some difficultly The
setup program will find this cd-rom, but when it goes to install it
decides to stop and nothing will bring it back up again, Is this
because of a Driver problem, or is this because I have not done
something right. If someone has a driver for this cd-rom I would
appreciate  it if you could either e-mail it to me, or tell me where I
can download it.
        Besides that I have successfully installed this version of red
hat on a 486 Packard Bell, I followed all of the instruction the same
as the attempt on the Pentium. But the cdrom is a Panisonic. Any help
wilbe appreciated. Thanks
Jim Richardson


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I just purchaced the Infomagic Developer's Resource Linux kit.  It came
with the Slackware 2.2 software (kernel 1.2).  The CDROM I have is on an
IDE/ATAPI interface.  When creating the boot and root floppies, I picked
the IDE/ATAPI kernel.  I boot and it recognizes the CDROM.  I create my
partitions (or rather recreate - I was using an old linux) and run
setup.  I choose IDE drive for the source and pick my packages.  It
starts to install (CD light flashes) and then errors out giving me a
unexpeced end of file for tar (the CDROM complains about a Buffer problem.)

Going out to root, I can see that the CDROM is mounted.  I can cd to the
directory and look around.  If I cat out a readme.lnx or readme.dos file
it will go so far then the buffer error.  

Can anyone help?!!!!


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