Anyone get a MV Pro 3D sound card to work?

Anyone get a MV Pro 3D sound card to work?

Post by jse.. » Mon, 03 Apr 1995 05:00:00

Has anyone gotton a Media Vision Pro 3D sound card to work under Linux
using the SB/SBPro settings? Same for MPU401? My boot up reporst that
they are not recognized. Are there any programs I can use to test to see
if the carsd is working?

Thanks in advance.


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1. MV Pro 3D sound

Has anyone tried the MediaVision Pro 3D sound card which has the on-board
SCSI for a CD-ROM??

My package says it is model MV-5000.
Upon inspection the drive is a NEC CDR-510, I'm not sure about the SCSI
controller part of the board.

Any specific drivers available?  The SB drivers rarely come up as being
recognized for some reason with my card - rather odd.

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