Help: ATAPI Pionner 24x CD-ROM not working

Help: ATAPI Pionner 24x CD-ROM not working

Post by Carlos Torras Sanch » Sat, 18 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Hi there.

I've been running Linux (Kernel 2.0.0) on my system since last 10 months
without problems. Recently I bought a CD-ROM drive (ATAPI Pionner 24x) and I
can't get it to work. The Kernel has the ISO9660 and ATAPI support built-in,
but I can't get to mount the device.

At boot up Linux finds the CD-ROM but then when I try to mount it I get an
"IRQ error" message. I've read the HOWTOs but I don't find the solution. I've
tried the CD-ROM both as master on the secondary IDE or as slave on the
primary, but always the same error, which gets the system to a crash.

The drive is ok. It works without problems under DOS.

If someone can help me I would apreciate it. Thanks.