Supermicro P133 vs. anything else ?

Supermicro P133 vs. anything else ?

Post by Zak Smi » Mon, 13 May 1996 04:00:00

I am looking for a reliable P133 motherboard which is
absolutely Linux-friendly.   So far I have heard
good things about this board:

  Super Micro Pent/13355T2S
  Pentium 133MHz P55T2S motherboard, Intel Triton II (430Hx chipset),
   up to 512k sync. pipelined cache, Max of 768MB RAM, 8 slots (4 PCI- 4 EIDE),
   2 FDD, 2S (16550), 1P (ECC/EPP), AMI PNP BIOS,

Has anyone had any experience with this board and Linux?  I
plan to buy 64M ram use an Adaptec 2940UW.  Comments?


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1. Advice on Triton 2 MBs; SuperMicro vs Asus vs TYAN; Dual Processor?

In the next weeks I will be spending upwards to 1500 bucks on a new
motherboard, CPU and 32 meg of RAM.  I need some advice.

TYAN, SuperMicro, and Asus all have Triton 2 Sync PB cache
motherboards ranging in price from 200 to 300 bucks.  

At least two companies, TYAN and Asus, have dual processor Triton 2s
(Tomcat 2 1562D, and P55T2P4D).

I want the best performance (e.g. throughput), future expandability
(max. cache/mem), and compability (SMP standards). All three MBs have
#7 sockets, will support 200mhz pentiums or cyrix 166+ chips, 512MB of
ram and 512k cache, PB, etc.

As far as I can tell there is little to distinguish these
motherboards. I'm not aware of any benchmarks which is frustrating.  I
want quality since I'm likely to keep this new mb for 5 years or so.


o Which one should I get?
o Am I considering the right models (SuperMicro P55-T2S, Asus P55T2P4,
  TYAN Tomcat)?
o Dare I even think about getting a dual processor version of these

I like the idea of spending an extra 50 bucks on an MB so that I can
plug another pentium into it a couple of years down the road.   Do I
pay a single processor performance penalty by using a dual processor
board with only one CPU?  The dual and single tomcats don't "look"
that different...

It goes without saying that I want linux to work well with whatever
motherboard I purchase.  Will Linux work with SMP tyan or asus boards?

I'd appreciate any advice, input, opinions.

I'm planning on getting a 166. I hear 200 introduction this year will
cause 166 prices to go down.  Any advice?


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