Logitech QuickCam Express

Logitech QuickCam Express

Post by vampgirl66 » Sat, 01 Feb 2003 01:34:38

I'm attempting to get this cam to work.
I have usb suported in the kernel.
I inserted /sbin/modprobe videodev  into rc.modules
and I am using the qce-ga-0.40c driver.
I have mknod /dev/video c 81 0
I am using the Xcam app built into slack 8.1 to see if it's working..
for device I'm using.. /dev/video

I'm not quite sure what I should do next?
I must be missing something.
If anyone can point me to any info (that out there is kinda vauge) or has
any sugestions...

I can see the cam is detected when I dmesg.
Renee K.


1. Logitech Quickcam Express USB camera.

            Has anyone _SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED_,and is actually USING
LOgitech QuickCam Express USB camera with Red Hat 7.1? I've gone to
downloaded and complied the drivers, etc. However, the installation
are rather skimpy.  Please see:


            I'm running Red Hat 7.1 with Ximian-Gnome with the most
recent updates
installed via Ximian's Red Carpet. This is a stand-alone system,
connected to
the Internet via cable modem. Kernel verxion is 2.4.2.

        Hardware: AMD-KII/500, 128 Mb System RAM, 32 Mb nVIDIA PCI card,
Viewsonic 17 monitor. USB devices on my system: Logitech Quickcam
Express USB Camera, Logitech Optical mouse, Epson 610 U flatbed scanner,
and Epson Stylus Color 777 USB printer. Through the kind help of other
linux users, I have the scanner working along with the mouse and
All four usb devices are attached to a Keyspan 4-port hub.

        Naturally, all four usb devices install easily and work in
Windows2000 Pro
without any problems.

       So far, my efforts with the QuickCam have been exhausting,
frustrating, and
TOTALLY unsuccessful. I regret to say to the linux devotees, that since
switching to
linux, I seem to have more and more recourse to using Windows**** ...

                Dare I hope for the day when I can run a linux -only

        Some guidance and assistance in _successfully_ setting up this
camera to
work with LINUX on my system would be greatly appreciated!


            Elton Woo.

         Have you been counted? See http://counter.li.org

        Registered Linux User #193975. AMD-K2 CPU on board.
"You only live once, so let's make life easier for each other."

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