Urgent: Printer setup for ascii text on an HP printer ...

Urgent: Printer setup for ascii text on an HP printer ...

Post by Raghavendra B » Fri, 11 Dec 1998 04:00:00


I have a Linux box (DLD 5.2, kernel 2.0.29) installed on a pentium m/c.
is on a network. An HP laserjet printer ( 4V/4MV PS) is also connnected
the same network. The following problems are encountered while printing
text file using lpr:
1. Staircase problem.
2. Spooling problem.
3. Generation of a print containing details of printjob.
Each one of them is detailed below:

Problem 1: (Staircase problem)
When I get a print of a text file, I find the text to be stepped, that
the second line starts at the location where the 1st line would have
and so on. It is something like this:
This is line one.
                      This is line two.
                                            This is line three.
How do I eliminate this staircasing???
I am enclosing the /etc/printcap file at the end of this list. Also, I
using apsfilter version 4.9 as the input filter. (I can also post it if

Problem 2: (Spooling problem):
When I see the status of a print job using the lpq command, I get
like this:
ShellPrompt> lpq
brainux: waiting for to come up
Rank Owner Job Files Total Size
1st beraghav 13 test 32 bytes
connection to is down
The printer's IP address is The network is OK which is
from ping.
In this case, the print job remains in the Q and doesnot get executed.
However, sometimes I get the following output:
ShellPrompt> lpq
Jet Direct: no entries
In this case, the print job gets executed immediately.

Problem 3: (Generation of a print containing details of printjob.)
Whenever a print job gets executed, I get 2 pages of output (for a small

file with a few lines). The first one is due to the file to be printed
of course, problem 3). The second page contains a listing something
User: beraghav
Host: brainux
Class: brainux
Job: printcap
How do I disable this to be printed??

------------------------------Start of

### Author: Ngo Than
### Date: 25.10.1996
## :lp=:/dev/lp1:\
## :sd=/var/spool/lpd:\
## :lf=/var/spool/lpd/log:\
## :af=/var/spool/lpd/acct:\
## :mx#0:\
## :sh:
# LABEL apsfilter
# apsfilter setup Thu Aug 21 11:52:10 GMT+5 1997
# APS_BASEDIR:/usr/lib/apsfilter
ascii|lp1|PS_600dpi-a4-ascii-mono|PS_600dpi ascii mono:\
lp|lp2|PS_600dpi-a4-auto-mono|PS_600dpi auto mono:\
raw|lp3|PS_600dpi-a4-raw|PS_600dpi auto raw:\
------------------------------End of

Please let me know if additional details are required. I need an
solution as it seems to be a show-stopper.

Kind regards,
Raghavendra B K