status of TB Santa Cruz MIDI/joystick support ?

status of TB Santa Cruz MIDI/joystick support ?

Post by Brian Hal » Tue, 05 Nov 2002 11:47:56

I haven't been able to find a changelog for alsa-drivers 0.9rc5, so
I'll ask here. What is the current level of support for the Turtle
Beach Santa Cruz? I understand the DSPes aren't currently (may never
be) supported due to lack of documentation. Other that the DSP how is
support? I am particularly interested in the external MIDI support for
this card, and joystick support. I have a Yamaha DB50XG wavetable
daughtercard that will fit the Santa Cruz, and my understanding is
that the wavetable headers are wired directly to the external MIDI
port, so if external MIDI works with this card, then the daughtercard
should work too right?

I would be interested to hear from anyone who is using a daughtercard
and/or a joystick with the Santa Cruz.

Please cc: any replies to me since I am not currently subscribed to
the lists, thx

P.S. I've installed the S.C. with the daughter card attached (using
the latest alsa-drivers and alsa-kernel from CVS); playing
MIDI to the external midi port with either playmidi -e or pmidi -p
64:0 give me no sound, but the port seems to be there? Is there
something I need to do to enable the wavetable daughtercard?

Quote:> pmidi -l

 Port     Client name                       Port name
 64:0     External MIDI 0                   MIDI 0-0

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but I can't seem to get decent analog output levels. In order to get just
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PCM - 100
CD - 100
DAC - 100
External - ON

Needless to say, I have some profound issues with running the PCM, CD, and
DAC controls at 100% just to get a listenable audio volume. I've tried
changing the values of every other control in alsamixer, and none of them
change the output level of the card. When I was running the same config
from the onboard via82xx, output volume was, um, not an issue.

Is this just the nature of the Santa Cruz (or the ALSA drivers)? I've got
a pretty nice rig for sound, and I'd like to get the most out of it. Any
assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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