trouble installing wide-ultra scsi-3 driver

trouble installing wide-ultra scsi-3 driver

Post by david.bro.. » Fri, 07 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I am trying to install rh 5.1 on a compaq proliant 3000.
Installation fails after two minutes when i'm supposed to
provide the menu with the proper scsi driver.  There's no
driver for the wide-ultra scsi-3 controller.

Does this mean i have to go n(u)t(s) :-/ ??

Thanks for the help!

david broman
systran luxembourg


1. which linux SCSI driver to use for Compaq DUAL Wide Ultra SCSI-3 controller

We consider buying  a COMPAQ proliant 1600 with RAID-5 hardware
Which (if supportede by Linux) linux SCSI driver is to be use for Compaq
DUAL Wide Ultra SCSI-3 control.

I would greatly appreciate a quick answer
Thanks in advance

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