Asus TX97-XE / FIC PA2011 ?

Asus TX97-XE / FIC PA2011 ?

Post by ramk » Mon, 24 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I am planning to put together a new system K6-200 with either
Asus TX97-XE  or FIC PA2011  mother board to run RHL 5.0 once
it is released early Dec.

I read on the RHL site that the TX chipset is not fully compatible
and also something else on the news that the TX series is not good
at handling more than 64MB memory.

This makes me lean more towards the FIC PA2011 (Apollo chipset
a.k.a AMD640 based). Being an AMD chipset based board I think there
may be less incompatibility with the K6.

Does anyone have any  good/bad experiences with either of the above
and is the info about TX chipsets correct.