Kentech vlb ide KJD-IDEIOVLB jumper setting?

Kentech vlb ide KJD-IDEIOVLB jumper setting?

Post by Lars Muell » Sat, 06 Dec 1997 04:00:00


I have a vlb ide host adapter with 2 ide devices, 2 serial, 1 lpt ...

The FCC ID is KJD-IDEIOVLB. reports Kentech as vendor.

The main chips are '(c)1994 PROMISE\ PDC20630\ 506' and 'GoldStar\ Prime 2\

The adapter should work in a linux system (2.0.32; new (e)ide driver).

Does anybody know this adapter and the jumper settings? There are aproximately
20 jumpers on the board.

Yours sincerly Lars

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