Vendors selling preconfigured linux systems...

Vendors selling preconfigured linux systems...

Post by Peter Jacks » Wed, 23 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hello -- I've looked in the FAQ and HOWTO's but could not find this

I'm looking for a list of vendors selling systems with linux
pre-installed. I've read such a document before so know it exists, but
have been unable to find it again.

Please email if you know where I can find this information.



1. Vendors Selling PreConfigured Dual Boot Linux/Win Platforms?


I'm adding another machine to the house and would like to experiment
with Linux.  Alas, I have a lot of application software that's Windows
based and doesn't exist in the Linux world to my knowledge.   Are
there reputable vendors who'll sell reasonably price machines that can
boot on either Windows or Linux?

I found Penguin computers but they are somewhat religious about OS's
and won't pre-install Windows, also they seem a little expensive
(opinion based on the briefest of comparisons admittedly).   Are there
other sources?


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