Printer problem :) (same ol' - same ol')

Printer problem :) (same ol' - same ol')

Post by Udfyld dette med chfn. Oprettet af roo » Sat, 30 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Now I've tried to find the answer for quite a while -- thought I might
just as well ask.

"Works with Window$ - thu"

 printer :      HP LaserJet 5 (or 6 -- can't rem.)
 system :       RedHat 5.1  -- kernel 2.0.34
                K6 200 Mhz
                32 MB RAM
                Big screen
                Old mouse

I've tried to follow the Printing.HOWTO. I've included the lp-device in my
kernel, as the module stuff didn't work -- same problem. I've set
"lp=0x378,5,0x3bc,5,0x278,5" in the lilo thing (tried other settings too -
but havn't made the exhaustive search yet). Remade the /dev/lp's -

But still - when I write "cat stuff > /dev/lp0" it responds "bash:
/dev/lp0: device not configured". And the nice "Printer-Tool" program wont
autodetect a bit.

During bootup I get a message like: "lp:driver configured but no
interfaces found."

                - Jesper

ps. I might just shoot the damn thing.


1. Them ol' Adaptec 2940 Blues - Can't get this song out of my mind.


Thanks to everyone who've responded with suggestions. I do appreciate
them.  Unfortunately, none of them work.  To recapitulate:  I have a P90 with
an Adaptec 2940 SCSI adapter to which are chained two hard drives.  I've been
trying to install Linux for over 5 days now but can't get past the dreaded
"scsi hosts: 0" problem, i.e., the code does not recognize/find the 2940's

I haven't a clue as to what's going on.  I've used the latest boot disks from
remus (and from calgary -- they appear to be the same) and have tried
every conceivable manipulation.

I am using one of the preconfigured boot floppies that have 2940 support.
Specifically, I'm using the kernel from remus at NRL.  An examination of the
accompanying log file shows that it claims to incorporate 2940 support.

Here's what I did:

    I FTP'd boot-2.flp.gz from remus, decompressed it, and executed
    RAWRITE2.EXE to write it to a floppy.  I then labeled this disk 2940boot
    and put it into my a: drive and rebooted my P90.  Within a few seconds
    the Linux "boot: " prompt came up.

    At the "boot: " prompt I just hit enter

        ASIDE: I also tried all sorts of variations on the "ramdisk
        aha2940=xxxxxx" at this prompt but have been told by many of you that
        this is unnecessary for the 2940.

    After hitting <enter> at the "boot: " prompt, the boot code goes to work
    and finds all sorts of neat stuff - but not the scsi adapter evidently as
    one of the information strings it prints to the screen is a "scsi: hosts 0"

    I've made a root disk per instructions in the Trans America slackware
    distribution and when I replace 2940boot with the root disk and hit
    <enter>, I get to the login prompt.  I then login as root but, as might be
    expected given the meaning of the "scsi: hosts 0" message, fdisk can not
    open any of the scsi device files (nor any other, that I can determine).

Did I miss something?



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