DTC3180 driver with kernel 2.0.30

DTC3180 driver with kernel 2.0.30

Post by Daniel Nilsso » Thu, 16 Oct 1997 04:00:00


Im tried to install Debian on a system with a DTC3180
SCSI-Controller. The kernel finds the SCSI-card and the
disk attached to it (the only device, an old 630Mb Seagate
driver). But when I tried to use fdisk the partition table
is messed up. So I delete all partitions and make new ones
but when invoking write in fdisk it cant verify the partition
table it has just created...
Linux detects the tarnslated values on the drive parameters
and I have tried forcing them back to untranslated ones
without any difference.
Is the DTC310 driver really working ? Another problem is that
I cant tell for sure that this is on original DTC3180 controller
but when the machine was running Win95 It used such a driver and
the linux kernel detects the same also.



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