Real Magic MPEG card

Real Magic MPEG card

Post by Brad Alexande » Fri, 21 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Is there support for this card under linux.


1. NeoMagic Magic Graph 128V (MPEG acc. graphic card) and X11R6 3.2 ?????

Hello all,

I'm a proud owner of brand new DEC VP 525 laptop,
but unfortunately they have an new graphic card
onboard :( I want to use X11R6 3.2 (FreeBSD 2.1.5
is running fine) but I couldn't find any driver
for this crazy card. :(  Anyone an idea how
I could use X11 at the laptop?

thanks in advance for _ANY_ (serious) hint!
best regards Dirk

Dirk Nerling  

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