NEC CDR-73 CD-ROM Drive on an Indy

NEC CDR-73 CD-ROM Drive on an Indy

Post by Mark A. McLaughl » Fri, 25 Mar 1994 02:02:47

Has anyone had any luck hooking NEC CD-ROM drives to SGI machines?
Is it possible?  The hardware FAQ only had a few brief comments about
Mac CD-ROM drives not working well with SGI machines, but as far as
I know the NEC drives are not Mac-Only.  Any information would be
helpful.  Thanks.

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1. Attaching a NEC CDR-601 CD-ROM to a Indigo


Anyone tried connecting a NEC CDR-601 CDROM player to a Indigo ?
This is a former PC attached CDROM and I wonder if someone knew how to
(if possible, of course) switch blocksize from 2k to 512 bytes. I cannot
see any jumper candidates inside. Hints are welcomed.

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