Sellers of used SGI servers

Sellers of used SGI servers

Post by Jorge Garc » Sat, 24 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I'm trying to find out if anybody has a list of SGI resellers. We are
thinking about selling our Challenge L, and are trying to find out
ballpark numbers on how much the system we have is worth. Anybody has a
list of appropriate phone numbers? Thanks,



1. Warning - eBay seller selling SGI Octanes on eBay.

There is a seller on eBay, selling a bunch of SGI Octane's with 250MHz
and 512MB while offering free shipping. The seller's feedback is
pretty poor, with several complaining about long delivery times.

Some of these auctions are listed in UK pounds with the location
stated as the UK. Other auctions for the same item by the same seller
are listed in $US with a US location.

Potential UK buyers might like to know the seller has confirmed to me
the Octanes will be shipped from the USA, not the UK, so as far as I
can see, he's lying about his location. I've reported this to eBay,
who have replied they have taken appropriate action, but won't say
what that is. The auctions that claim to be in the UK are still listed
as such, so I guess that action does not include removal of the

There was another seller (brokerhouse) who sold bunches of Sun Ultra
30's and grotty monitors on eBay, who did the same trick of lying
about the location. He claimed to be in Telford England, when in fact
was in the USA or Canada (I can't recall which). It took 3 months for
me to receive a dead Ultra 30, when the auction was supposed to be for
a UK item. He went to arbitration to get my negative feedback removed,
but lost that.

Rather interestingly in the case of the Ultra 30, the seller suggested
he would offer me $40 as a 'good will gesture' if I agreed to get the
feedback removed. The SquareTrade arbitrator put it to me a possible
way to resolve the situation. If that was not a bride I don't know
what was, yet the Squaretrader seemed happy about it. I told
brokerhouse to keep his $40 and so the negative feedback remains.

So watch out if like me you are on the lookout for an Octane in the
UK. Don't assume one advertised as being in the UK is in the UK.

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Senior Research Fellow,
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University College London,
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Tel: 020 7679 6408 Fax: 020 7679 6269
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2. Argghhh z88dk

3. sgi seller in there one?

4. sending mail from AT&T to Cornell Univ.


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