4.0.5 -> 5.3 update, now 'lpr' goes through 'lp'??

4.0.5 -> 5.3 update, now 'lpr' goes through 'lp'??

Post by Dave Ols » Sat, 06 May 1995 04:00:00

| We finally got our memory upgrades (and a few new machines) and brought
| everything up to Irix 5.3.  Everything for the most part is working fine
| *except* printing via lpr. We are printing via CAP, so I would like it to
| stay an lpr optional system if at all possible.
|   o Yes, lpr *is* installed on every machine
|   o All the printcap files are the same as before.  One machine acts as
|     the host, all others simply forward requests to the host.
|   o I have made sure that everyone was in hosts.equiv and/or hosts.lpd
|     (we tried both)
|   o Local lpr printing works fine
| But, from another machine in our "cluster", all lpr requests (lpr, lpq, etc)
| result in the same thing:
| % lpq
| printer_host_name: lpsched: unknown printer
| This appears to show that, now, the lpr subsystem is attempting to go
| through the lp subsystem.  Is this true?  Is this terminal?  Is there any
| suggestion of what I can do to go around this (easily)?

Yes, the sysV and lpr spooler are basicly one program in 5.3.  It should
work, although we have never (and still don't) officially supported
being an lpr print server, just a client.  It should work, though.
The 'print' relnotes should offer some clues.  I've not set this up

| The same question applies to using PC-NFS. It appears that the only
| available printers available are those under lp, not lpr.  

If it's the ftp'able pcnfs from sgi, yes, it wants lp.

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