POSIX threads on IRIX 6.2 Indy - HELP !

POSIX threads on IRIX 6.2 Indy - HELP !

Post by Michael J?nsso » Fri, 14 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Argh, Yes something WAS indeed missing !

Patch 1505 must also be installed.

Guess my posting made me take an extra look at the problem ;-)

Michael J?nsson


1. POSIX Threads on Unpatched Irix 6.2

Hi. I have a legacy application running on an Indigo R4400 with an
unpatched copy of Irix 6.2 (told you it was legacy...!). I need to add
in some socketed I/O and the multithreading to support it. I've looked
at a variety of information on-line regarding patches to Irix 6.2 to
support POSIX threads, but it's unclear to me, from looking at SGI's
web site, exactly what set of patches I need. Can anyone supply a list
of exactly which patches are required?


--Rob Siegel

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