WTB: O2 RM5200 300MHz system

WTB: O2 RM5200 300MHz system

Post by Dirk Wolff-Klamme » Fri, 20 Jun 2003 02:27:58


We are looking to buy the following system:

Qty. 1
SGI O2 RM5200 300MHz/1MB Cache CPU, 256MB RAM, 9GB Disk,
US Keyboard, Mouse

Please let me know what you have.

Thanks in advance.



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1. FS: 300MHz RM5200 O2 Systems

We currently have many 300MHz RM5200 O2 systems available to be built
to any configuration.

If interested, contact:

Andrew Shin
Account Manager

XS International, Inc
1005 Alderman Drive, Suite 212
Alpharetta, Ga 30005

p: 770-740-0040 x115
f:  770-740-0121

w: www.xsnet.com

Please view our eBrochure by simply clicking on the link below.

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