Help: secondary can't load data from primary

Help: secondary can't load data from primary

Post by Min Wan » Fri, 28 Feb 1997 04:00:00


Is there any reason other than network connection why our secondary
can't load data from primary name server.  The message at secondary
machine says: zoneref: Masters for secondary zone

But this secondary load other zone files just fine.

The zone data at primary is:  IN  SOA (
        86400 )  IN  NS  IN  NS  IN  NS

localhost                       IN  A                  IN  A                  IN  MX    10                  IN  MX    20
www                             IN  CNAME
www2                            IN  A
www3                            IN  A
secure                          IN  A
test                            IN  A

I am running primary on Indy with IRIX 6.2 and secondary on Indy with
IRIX 5.3.
Thank you!

Min Wang


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Can anyone advise me on how to make the same Indy act as primary MX for
some domains, and secondary MX for other domains.

I.e. mail to: goes to the Indy, and is distributed to mailboxes. goes to the customers mailhost, but if that mailhost is
down, it goes to the Indy which will keep trying to contact the
customers mailhost until it comes back up.

Not really expecting answering, more pointing me where to look.

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