login problems

login problems

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Can someone post here the specint92 and specfp92 ratings of the
150Mhz R5000PC, 150Mhz R5000SC, and 180MHz R5000SC cpus?  I only
see the specfp95 ratings for the 200MHz R5000 at the mips homepage.


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1. monitor/graphic board->login problem

My Indigo2 has this problem:
I can't see the login window and the screen is dark.
When I boot my Indigo I can see the initial blue screen with the little
window and the button "stop for maintenance" and I can load the
I tried to re-install the operating system (Irix 6.2) but the problem
Before re-installation of the operating system, all the other
components seem to work well(is my server!!). Now I'd like to know if
my problem is hardware or software because on the hardware side I can
see the initial window and the miniroot (so the monitor, the cable and
video card should be good) and on the software side I have reinstalled
the operating system.


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