video control panel on O2

video control panel on O2

Post by SJ » Wed, 18 Mar 1998 04:00:00


 I am using an O2 R5K running 6.3 with A/V board for composite video
 capture.  I noticed that the video panel control provides certain
 controls (pro control menu) to change the brightness, contrast , hue,
 saturation etc.  For my application, it is critical that the video
 coming in remains unprocessed, therefore i need to know what values for
 these controls represent "no processing" of the incoming video signal.

 I am unable to find any appropriate documentation for this.  I
know      what the default values are, but they process the video coming
 Does anybody know what values i should use so that i do not process the
 incoming video before capture, or where i can look for info on this?

 thanks in advance



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Does anybody know what the contrast control on the videopanel for an O2

The default value is 1.171... anybody know why it is so?  Why not 1.0?
What scale is it on?

Any input will help.
Im trying to calibrate the O2 video board in order to make quantitative
measurements based on grayscale values in video images.



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