Moviemaker Problem

Moviemaker Problem

Post by Martin Kenwar » Fri, 05 Feb 1999 04:00:00

    I am using the moviemaker program on our SGI Octane. I create the
movies from .tiff files, I have written a code that makes
the movie from data that I have generated. The only problem is that when
making  the movie I keeping adding frames to the
movie, and to do  so I have to write the make the movie from the
previous file and run makemovie. The problem with this
being that the files get rather large, 250Mb large and rewrite this
after each frame addition is rather (extremely) slow.
Is there a way to append the frames to the movie with out having to make
the movie in this manner. I need a way to do this
non interactively, because there are about 500 frames per movie. If
anyone can help please let me know, I can be reached at this email
address, or


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I have problems with moviemaker programm
when I start it a window pops up :
"Error while binding the playback engine, not enough space"
after that the moviemaker does not work
the same problem happens with movieplayer

Any ideas how to fix?

my mashine: O2 R10k, 192Mb RAM , Irix 6.5.5f

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