stopgfx and tport

stopgfx and tport

Post by Dave Damet » Wed, 20 Dec 1995 04:00:00

When I do a stopgfx on an Indy 150Mhz r4400 IRIX 5.3, the X display
freezes instead of the terminal port coming up.  It's not the biggest
deal in the world but has anyone else experienced this or have
an idea why it is happening?

startgfx brings everything back up fine.


1. stopgfx and no tport

Has anyone else experienced this?

Sometimes I have to shutdown graphics on my Indy.  Instead of getting
the tport screen, the screen just locks at the last graphic that
was on it.

i.e. if someone was logged in, the screen locks on their last window
environment, or the screen freezes on the log in prompt.

Anyone know what causes this?  It used to work fine.

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