Netscape 2.01S 'Missing Post reply data'

Netscape 2.01S 'Missing Post reply data'

Post by Myche McAule » Fri, 28 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Hello SGI Aficionados (yes...I had to look up the spelling ;-)

I have a (hopefully) very simple question about SGI's Netscape 2.01S:

It seems that whenever I receive output from a POST operation the page
renders just fine but the cache doesn't maintain the document.  If I
travel an additional page and try to return with the 'Back' button, I
will simply get:

  <TITLE>Missing Post reply data</TITLE>
  <H1>Data Missing</H1>
  This document resulted from a POST operation and has expired from the
  cache.  If you wish you can repost the form data to recreate the
  document by pressing the <b>reload</b> button.

Now, I can see this being done by the binary:
  (strings `which netscape` | egrep 'Missing Post' )

but I am unable to discover what *causes* this condition to happen.  I
am even more puzzled in that other versions of Netscape (Solaris 2.01)
don't exhibit this behavior and have identical settings vis-a-vis
caches, etc...

Any ideas where I might look further?

Thank you for your time.

Myche McAuley


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