Indy and NEC CD-ROM

Indy and NEC CD-ROM

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I have an Indy R4600 workstation running IRIX 5.3. I would like to connect a  NEC Multispin 8Xe model CDR-3460A external
SCSI CD-ROM to it. The machine did find it when I booted and I can even boot the system from the CD and go to the miniroot but
from the GUI I can not access or mount the CD under / says "UNKNOWN CD-ROM" when I click on the CD icon.
Is there some place where I must define it or is it really incompatible??

reply to my e-mail please

thanks for your help!


1. External NEC CD-ROM on Indy

I'm trying to use an NEC MultiSpin 3X CD-ROM Reader on my Indy.
It puts the icon on the desktop and "hinv" reports:
Integral SCSI controller 0: Version WD33C93B, revision D
CDROM: unit 2 on SCSI controller 0
Disk drive: unit 1 on SCSI controller 0
but I can't mount it.

/etc/fstab has the entry:
/dev/scsi/sc0d2l0 /CDROM iso9660 ro,sock=/tmp/.mediadXXXXXX 0 0
but "mount /CDROM" gives me:
mountcd: Unknown CD-ROM type (NEC     CD-ROM DRIVE:5002.5 ?d
                                                                ), may
not function correctly
mount_iso9660: can't initialize /dev/scsi/sc0d2l0: I/O error.
mount: giving up on:

Yes there are spurious characters after the "5002.5" which are
"mu high-hyphen space hyphen-with-tail(normally on the top left
key of a UK PC keyboard) "d" LF(no CR) mu high-hyphen space".

The CDROM has four DIPS as follows

1 "Factory use only - normally off (up)"
2 Termination on/off
3 SCSI 1/2
4 "Factory use only - normally off (up)"

I have it set to SCSI 2, termination off (there is a terminator
on the second SCSI port).

The CDROM shows up on the desktop as an icon but clicking on it gives
as Notifer window saying "Unknown CDROM Drive [Continue]".

System Manager -> Hardware -> Disks -> CDROM Disk (0,2) gives
a nice picture plus
Disk Type: CDROM
Disk Address: 2
Controller Type: SCSI disk controller
Controller Number: 0

Media Type: UNKNOWN
Unknown media in removable drive

Disk Manager says:
Drive          Media Size   Free Size   Type               Access
SCSI Disk 0,1  1.07 GB      170GB       IRIX System Disk   /
CD ROM 0,2     -            -           unknown            CDROM

Can anyone help or is this just not possible? Can anyone recommend
a cheap CD drive I *can* use?



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