Wanted: vendors for SGI apps

Wanted: vendors for SGI apps

Post by Larry Hunt » Fri, 06 May 1994 01:50:57

I'm interested in hearing about (or from!) vendors of two products for SGIs:

1.  High volume OCR.  I'm specifically interested in high volume scanners
    and configurable (programmable would be even better) document parsing.
    The documents to be OCR'd have a a few fairly consistant, but
    nonstandard, page layouts, e.g. long tables of contents, and lots of
    tabular data.

2. Geographic information systems.  My needs here are pretty straightforward
   (states and counties) but I would am also specifically interested in GIS
   software that has Congresional Districts represented.

Lists of vendors, contacts, and your experiences would all be most welcome.
Either post here, or send me email, and I'll summarize.  Thanks very much
for your help.


Lawrence Hunter, PhD.
National Library of Medicine
Bldg. 38A, MS-54
Bethesda. MD 20894 USA
tel: +1 (301) 496-9300
fax: +1 (301) 496-0673


1. Vendors/quotes wanted

I've got a client looking to set up his firm with the capability to
be their own Internet Access Provider (IAP).  They are looking to
do more than just get on line as a web server site.

Technically, their staff are good at networks, but not as yet familiar
with UNIX.

It looks like he wants to settle on the SGI Webforce Indy hardware
solution, along with Netscape (Commerce) server.

Can anyone give me recommendations as to what vendors have done a
good job in providing a total solution - hardware, telecomm gear,
software, training, installation, and support?  This client is
based in north-central Pennsylvania.

Vendors, please feel free of course to respond to this post directly,
or to call me at (412) 854-2301.

Thanks in advance...




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