Cron Job

Cron Job

Post by Stev » Mon, 17 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I am in need of I believe a CRON job to accomplish a task and was
wondering how to do this.  I have two files.  Call them FILEA and
FILEB.  Every Sunday at midnight, I need to delete FILEA and
move/rename FILEB to FILEA.  I then need a blank FILEB to be created
and chmod to 777.  How is this accomplished?  Thanks for your help.

By the way, if it matters, this is on an Octane with IRIX 6.4



1. cron job skipped?


Has anyone ever heard of a cron job being skipped because of an interaction
with an at job?  We use cron and at to schedule jobs on an Origin 2000 system
and have occasionally had cron jobs mysteriously lost.  Upon examining the
cron logs it is clear they were never started.  This happened a few days ago
and it coincided right to the second with an "at" job being submitted by the
same user.  This job had been running every day for months, but it was skipped
on this occasion.  Once before we had traced a similar problem to the crontab
being saved at the exact time a job was to start.  This was definitely not the
case this time.  Is this type of thing expected given that cron and at jobs
are both scheduled by cron?

Thanks much,

p.s. - We are running IRIX 6.5.2.

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