O2 control Sony VCR?

O2 control Sony VCR?

Post by jaso » Fri, 17 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I have an O2 and a Sony S-VHS VCR. What I would like to do is have the
O2 control the
VCR through its serial port into the "Control-L" (LANC) stereo sub-mini
port of the VCR.
I am using A|W Composer software as the UI. I have a little experience
in electronics, so I
wouldn't mind building the cable. Does anyone know more about this??



1. How to remote control a DVW-500 SONY VTR?


        I am trying to control a Sony DVW-500 VTR remotely within a
software using
the REMOTE-1 serial control system from the serial port of a CRIMSON.
I plugged a serial cable from port No. 4 (TTY 4) of the CRIMSON to the
REMOTE-1(IN) serial
port of the VTR, and tried to send command using the REMOTE-1 PROTOCOL.
The VTR never respond to any of my command and I cant read anything from
the serial port. Do I
need to make any special setting to the VTR for this to work?

Has anyone done something similar?

Thank you,


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