Audio volume control on an O2

Audio volume control on an O2

Post by Christopher Hanlo » Wed, 27 Nov 1996 04:00:00

How do I adjust the volume on the O2?  I can
adjust it using the push buttons on the outside
and the apanel, however I'm not able to
"turn it down,"  At the bottom of the apanel scale
the sound is still too load (corrosponding with
the push buttons on the box).



christopher hanlon
software engineer
engineering animation, inc.


1. Indigo2 digital audio volume control

        I have an Indigo2, and frequently use the digital S/PDIF audio output.  
However, I've noticed the complete and utter lack of a volume control on
the SGI's end when playing music through the digital output.  My speakers
have a volume control, but sometimes it is too loud even at the lowest
possible setting on them.
        Is there any way to adjust the output volume on the machine when I'm using
digital audio output?

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