Help, SGI 1400 won't boot up

Help, SGI 1400 won't boot up

Post by lank » Thu, 25 Apr 2002 20:04:28

Hi All, I hope you can help. I have an sgi 1400 running pIII 500/2mb
Zeon processors which I use for rendering. The machine was running
fine with win2k on it, then I powered it off as it makes a lot of
noise and it wasn't going to be needed for a month or so. I fired it
back up yesterday but it no longer boots up. With or without a monitor
plugged in the back it sits there and does nothing after it verifies
the power supplys and the fans. I don't think its a problem with the
disk as the scsi backplane power lights is ok. It doesn't even goot
into the Bios diagnistics (well the monitor does nothing-the monitor
works fine)

Does anyone have the slightest inkling what this could be ? Is it
possibly a problem with the mother board, does it sound like it should
be easy to fix (read cheap)

Any help would be really appreciated as I need to use it this weekend.