Where mail came from...(Hacker?)

Where mail came from...(Hacker?)

Post by Paul 'Shag' Walmsl » Thu, 01 Dec 1994 04:17:37

: Hi all,

: Please help me figure out what happened here!!

: Upon reboot of an Indigo R4000 running IRIX 5.2,
: sendmail reported (via the syslog) that root
: sent outgoing mail.  Here's the output from /var/adm/SYSLOG:

: Nov 23 16:18:01 5B:mymachine sendmail: starting
: Nov 23 16:18:03 6C:mymachine sendmail[247]: AA00247: from=root, size=287,
: class=0, received from local

: This seems extremely suspicious to me, as if someone hacked a startup
: script to send themselves mail whenever my machine reboots.  Or maybe
: past experiences have made me paranoid...  so is that a normal message?

Try checking root's mailbox to see if there are any messages that were
delivered at that time.  (root often sends mail to itself - output from a
cron job is delivered via sendmail to the user that it is running under)  

Also, if you're concerned about sendmail security, I would recommend
either installing the latest sendmail that SGI has up on ftp.sgi.com in
/sgi/IRIX5.0/sendmail or grabbing a copy of sendmail 8.6.9 from
ftp.cs.berkeley.edu and installing that.  (We did the latter.  Although
it was time-consuming, we're happy with it; not to mention, I hear
that SGI is releasing sendmail 8.6.9 with IRIX 5.3)


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Thanks in advance,

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