FS: SGI Indy Video Option board incl. s/w on CD

FS: SGI Indy Video Option board incl. s/w on CD

Post by Christian Boeh » Sun, 27 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Hi there,

subject says it all. If you need further info on the unit
the Lurker's Video Guide http://reality.sgi.com/employees/cpirazzi_esd/lg/
reveals it all. Price is US$400.00 OBO. Need to sell it ASAP
so I am quite flexible with pricing. Thank you for your time.

Christian Boehme

voice *49.351.8033788

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1. FS: R5K180SC O2 plus O2 Video Option incl. O2Cam

Well, the Summer term is almost over now and I need the money.

So, I have the following machine for sale or trade whichever suits best:

1) o  R5KSC 180MHZ (upgraded earlier this year from 5KPC)
   o  128 Meg RAM
   o  2Gig HD
   o  SGI keyboard/mouse/mousepad (the tough one)
   o  all cables, manuals etc.

   o  IRIX 6.3 CD
   o  IDO
   o  O2 Demos
   o  tons'a'fonts if ya interested ...
   o  SoftWindows95 (ha!)

   o  price US$4000 or DEM8000 in Europe

2) o  O2 Video Option including O2Cam in original SGI shipping box
      (bought separately as a later upgrade)

   o  price US$500 or DEM1000 in Europe, may also consider a trade
      in for the PCI-AUD-8C (the RADical board for those in the know)

Selling both for US$4300/DEM8700 OBO.

As it was primarily bought for the purpose of learning
PA and related toys like Composer the above machine happens
to have the full A|W edu rental package (PA v8.5, StudioPaint
3D v3.5 plus Composer v4.5, runs as Light after end of license)
on its disk with about four months left of the license should
that be of any significance.

However, although I'm not quite happy with SGI's change of their
"strategic direction" late I just as well know that there isn't
any better box to be had these days than their machines so if anyone
has an Indy/Indigo2 (with IRIX6.5 already?:) with IDO or IDF/IDL plus
7.x C/C++ Compilers for sale or trade with some sort of refund that'd
be cool. Just let me know what you have and we work out the rest.

Thank you for your time and regards,
Christian Boehme

Tel.: +49.351.8033788

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