O2 Gamma value resetting & video DAC LUT's

O2 Gamma value resetting & video DAC LUT's

Post by Lynn Ziegle » Thu, 26 Jun 1997 04:00:00


Any advice will be appreciated regarding resetting the value for Gamma
on an O2. (That's a single number less than 20 - here 1.9 for our Sony
monitor - that's a parameter in the function for the mapping or lookup
table of your programs' internal color values to real luminances on the

The system seems to use this value in  has a program somewhere that
finds this value in its own special file.

Funny thing is, when I reset Gamma in root, then su back to my own login
name, I call "gamma" and it's the old value again. Interestingly, the
root value stays fixed.

Also I'd appreciate any information on how to store into the video
lookup tables my own values.



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Mark Flaming

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