"screen" on Irix 5.2?

"screen" on Irix 5.2?

Post by Eric Mats » Tue, 11 Oct 1994 01:58:07


I ftp'ed the screen.tar.Z from sgi.com, built it and installed it as a
root and got "Cannot open /dev/ttyq*: permission denied".

From reading the SGI.README I get the impression that the program
hadn't been tested for Irix 5.2.  Could that be the problem?


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We've had our SGI network set up for a while now, and we've used "rsh"
for many things without any real problem.  We've been tracking some
other problems, installing patches and "systune"ing along the way.
Now, when we do "rsh <localhost> date", where "localhost" is one of
our SGI hosts, it returns "rcmd: socket: Permission denied".  When I
do this from any of the other SGI hosts, it prints the current date
(as it should).

I have a $HOME/.rhosts file that is readable by all and writable only
by me.  I have an /etc/hosts.equiv file that is readable by all and
writable by root (the owner).

I tried "par"ing" the rsh process, and I found that the "bind" call
after creating the socket is what is failing with errno = 13
(Permission denied).

What could possibly be wrong here?

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