NEC 4spin/scsi2 CD-ROM with Indy?

NEC 4spin/scsi2 CD-ROM with Indy?

Post by Istvan Berna » Fri, 05 May 1995 04:00:00

can anybody tell me, if it is possible to use my existing NEC MultiSpin
4xPro SCSI-II cdrom together with my new Indy?
I've tried everything, but it tells me constantly "Unknown CDROM Drive".

The same NEC works perfectly with Linux.

Thanks in advance!
Istvan Bernath


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I have an Indy R4600 workstation running IRIX 5.3. I would like to connect a  NEC Multispin 8Xe model CDR-3460A external
SCSI CD-ROM to it. The machine did find it when I booted and I can even boot the system from the CD and go to the miniroot but
from the GUI I can not access or mount the CD under / says "UNKNOWN CD-ROM" when I click on the CD icon.
Is there some place where I must define it or is it really incompatible??

reply to my e-mail please

thanks for your help!

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