Query: Indy vs Indigo...advantages/disadvantages?

Query: Indy vs Indigo...advantages/disadvantages?

Post by Jerry Founta » Sat, 23 Jul 1994 01:32:41

Situation: Putting together a proposal for a new workstation (grant
           proposal).  We have been using several Indigo R4k's for awhile
           and I hadn't noticed the *specs* for the Indy's.

What is the *functional* difference between the two? For example (US $):
(All info from the Jan 10, 1994 Workstation/Client Periodic Table)

               Indy R4000SC (8-bit)        Indigo XS  
SpecInt          63.0                        60.5
SpecFP           57.5                        57.5

X11 Lines        1.4M                        
3D Vect          520k                        270k
Tmesh            39k                         76k
Polygons                                     29k

Price            $12,000                     $17,000

From this I would wonder why the price differential (the Indy also has a
full 32M RAM vs 16 for the Indigo). In looking at the specs for the Indigo
XS graphics vs the Indy XL graphics I see that the XS has one geometry
engine vs all software in the XL.  

This raises my question: If you were going to use the machine for Explorer
(for example), would the lack of the engine be a noticable problem?  Indeed,
what are the real tradeoffs between the Indy (could get the R4400 CPU and
*still* cost less), or an Indigo XS-Z (w/added memory), or move on to the
Indigo2 (XL or XZ)?

Any comments from users?  I am looking for some real-world feedback other
than what the sales-droids have been programmed to recite ;-)


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Query: Indy vs Indigo...advantages/disadvantages?

Post by Steven J. Berlag » Sat, 23 Jul 1994 07:59:07

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