Iris 6.2/6.3 hangs Help?

Iris 6.2/6.3 hangs Help?

Post by Alexis Cousei » Wed, 17 Sep 1997 04:00:00

> I'm having some difficulty due with my O2's and Indy 5K's with 6.3 and
> 6.2 (with recomended patches for August, 1997)

> Basically everything locks up erratically and without warning randomly
> on each machine.  It seems to happen more when you are running the
> cdplayer or netscape, but it has happened on machines while running
> alias or softimage.  So far it has never happened on a machine running
> idle.

> What I mean by locking is one of two things. 1) the program you are in
> locks and hangs a process that cannot be kill -9 , QUIT or INT.

If all your mounts have the intr option (and the bg option, of course ;)
), and it's NFS-related, you should be able to send them an INT signal.

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because I don't follow this group regularly.

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