Co Op Care?

Co Op Care?

Post by Bria » Sat, 25 Aug 2001 03:12:15

What ever happened to sgi's co-op care?  Granted, my contract expired
(needed renewing) in August, but there is no more co-op care (except for
a 3 year term) option now?  I keep my critical systems on full care ( 2
Origin 2k servers failsafed with Oracle and an Octane) But my Indy's (3)
are left dangeling.  I *refuse* to set up the Indy's for full care when
I can replace them for half what sgi wants to fullcare them.

1. FORE ATM adapters, SGI or FORE care to respond?

This whole situation with FORE and SGI relative to software support for
the FORE ATM adapters on IRIX 6.5 and beyond all seems ridiculous. Here
we sit as customers paying for support from both of these companies and
the latest I hear is the drivers will not be available until February.
I almost feel like I am dealing with Micro$oft, not SGI or FORE. Maybe
they should just rename the drivers "ATM 2000 Pro" and put aside any
hope we will see anything in the near future.

After waiting for IRIX 6.5 forever, we finally have an OS release that
we can run on most of the hardware we currently have. I think we are all
tired of supporting 5 "current" releases of IRIX. We are now running in
to applications that will not run properly under IRIX 6.2 so we need to
upgrade.  My solution currently is to pull the plug on all my ATM connected
machines. At least on the O2's, I can connect them to switched 100 Mb/s
Ethernet. I guess my other boxes will just have to live with 10 Mb/s
ethernet. Better to have a slow net with the ability to actually run the
applications we need.

This surely cannot be the direction FORE intended to go. They tried hard
to get established in the ATM on the desktop market. In our case, ATM is
just moving to the backbone and farther away from the desktop.

On SGI's side, they must have a lot of large customers that are really
pissed off. There are alot of big studios and animation houses with
big investments in SGI boxes with FORE ATM adapters.  I wonder if they
are getting the lack of information that us "small" customers are.


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